Flexible & Complete Plant Maintenance Solutions.

Plant Maintenance & Installations

Armfield Engineering offers a range of engineering services to industry, specialising in the maintenance, repair, installation and relocation of industrial plant and machinery. Our on-site services are backed up by a rapid-response spare parts supply service which can supply replacement parts for your plant and process equipment at short notice.

Our Services in Plant Maintenance

  • Plant Reconstructions, Upgrades and Modernisations
  • Plant inspections, status analysis and feasibility studies
  • Risk and safety analysis, problem analysis for steelworks, pipelines, mechanical components, control instruments, automation and safety technology
  • Planning and/or implementing environmental protection measures
  • Plant Relocations- Developing, defining and identifying plant relocation projects
  • Complete planning and transfer of machinery and plants (labeling, disassembly, packing, transport, commissioning, facility labeling)
  • Fault rectification, Modifications, repairs, expansions, maintenance and implementation work for static and rotating process equipment, plant components as well as pipelines and pipeline connection
  • Carrying out all acceptance and function tests
  • Carrying out general assembly, commissioning, and start-up work as part of turnaround projects

Repair and Modification of Equipment Including:

  • Mixers , Shakers , Crushers , Blenders , Pumps, Heat Exchangers Power Transmission Equipment , Presses.
  • Gear Boxes , Mill Equipment , Extruders , Compressor assembly, Valve servicing, Fan servicing, Gear servicing commissioning, and start-up work as part of turnaround projects

Our Services in Power Plant Engineering

  • Status analysis and feasibility studies
  • Process optimisation
  • Strength calculations for pipes and associated elements in line with relevant norms and requirements
  • Dimensioning and design of pressure parts and pipework in line with the relevant legislation, including testing
  • Pipe pressure testing for existing systems and new projects
  • Procurement of spare parts for boilers and units with relevant documentation
  • Plant turnarounds and Revitalisations
  • Maintenance work in line with environmental protection measures and safety regulations

We provide professional maintenance and upkeep services, checks, inspections, analyses, and evaluations, upgrade services for boilers, boiler parts, cooling stacks, columns, tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, filter units, as well as static and rotating components such as valves, compressors, pumps, machinery, blowers, gears, generators, etc.

  • Preventative and corrective maintenance concepts for mechanical components, machinery, control instruments, automation and safety components as well as pipelines and pipeline components
  • Comprehensive range of services for maintenance and upkeep, inspection, conversion and upgrading of rotating and static components (boilers, boiler parts, columns, tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, cooling stacks, valves, blowers, pumps, gears, filter units, etc.)
  • Services for generators and “balance of plant” services in cooperation with partner firms

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