Process piping consists of any piping and components not part of the facility’s mechanical systems. These piping components move, mix, distribute, and control the flow of fluids commonly used in many industries, such as the manufacturing of  chemicals, paper processing, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.  Process piping systems may be simple and limited in scope, or they may be extensive and intricate, depending on the application. Process piping is used to convey liquids, chemicals, fuels, gases and other raw materials used in manufacturing enterprises into an end product. Process Piping is critical to the operation of many manufacturing and processing facilities.

These systems require the skill and attention of an expert to ensure they are installed and maintained properly and provide flawless operation.

Armfield Engineering has wide experience with process piping. We are experts in general, specialty, industry-specific, and site-specific piping design and installation.

As a turnkey service provider, Armfield Engineering specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of  process piping systems. We support clients from design through installation to provide personalized, high-performance process piping across diverse industries and applications.

Our team of highly qualified pipe fitters ensures all applicable code requirements are met and provides clients with a diverse range of process piping services, including:

  • Pipe routing design and implementation
  • Pipe design support and installation
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram development and implementation
  • Pipe material selection
  • Sanitary Process Piping Systems
  • CIP Systems
  • WIP Systems
  • Manual and control valve selection
  • Pipe installation
  • Pipe testing
  • Pipe painting and labeling
  • Pipe insulation and heat tracing
  • CAD System Design

Our Process Piping Services Division offers Turn-key Solutions for Industrial Process Piping Applications and Advanced Process Systems.

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